Originally built in 1926, 77 Rockingham Road was one of the first stockfeed merchants south of the river. Owned and operated by Mr John Greenslade, Greenslade’s became the local stop for anyone who needed food for their pets, though the kinds of pets kept in the 1900’s included Horses, Sheep and even Pigs…. Can you believe it, A pig in your backyard?

Fast foward 89 years and alot has changed, customers no longer ‘Ride’ to us on the back of their horse,our most popular item certainly isn’t horse feed anymore and we are now called Nibali Stockfeed.

Importantly, we are still the Local Guy, priding ourselves on serving each customer that walks into the Heritage Building with a smiling face, a helping hand and 24 years worth of industry Knowledge.

For all of your pet and garden needs, PLEASE give us a try!