You’re probably wondering why our Logo is a Yellow Budgerigar. Well Cornbird or Corny as she was colourfully known was the much loved yellow budgie of the Nibali Family! Corny started out life un-originally called Tweety and was brought to the Nibali’s by a family friend, the Nibali’s soon fell in love with this Budgie and it wasn’t long before she was no longer the family pet but a fellow sibling, making her way from living in the slums of the Laundry to prime location in the Loungeroom. Here she was sheltered from the elements by having a heater in Winter and her own personal fan in Summer.

Of course she was given the usual birdie treats; celery, lettuce and honey sticks but it was her undying addiction to Corn, cooked Corn that saw her become known as the CornBird.  The opening of Nibali Stockfeed is Dedicated to the Memory of Cornbird who passed away before the opening of the Store.

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